There have been many occasions where I felt like I was doing everything right in bringing my manifestation into reality. I would do the affirmations and meditate to allow the ideas to come to me. But they just weren’t coming, and my frustration would begin to build. It wasn’t until I tapped into the feeling that my desire was already here that I began to see a shift in my manifestation success. 

The Gap

We are all reaching for something. Whether it’s a new car, better friends, or more consistent sleep, we are all moving towards something we want. However, where most of us get tripped up with bringing forth our desires is we are too focused on what is. When we want a new car but feel forced to drive our old crappy car, or no car at all, it is hard to feel the feeling of the new car. 

You don’t want to try to find the new car, you are instead preparing yourself so that it can find you. 

If this is a new concept to you, I know this sounds backward, but stick with me for a moment. When you are looking for something that you can’t find or don’t know how to attain, what vibration are you feeling at that moment? Frustration, depression, worry, etc. But it isn’t that you can’t find it, it is that you aren’t allowing it. 

These emotions create a gap between what we want and what we are currently experiencing. 

Nuts and Bolts

In the words of Abraham Hicks: “You can’t get there from here.”

You can’t bring in the vibration of a shiny new car when you are emitting the vibration of an old, dirty car. 

You can’t get there from here. But you can prepare Here and There will move to you here. 

Meaning, you have to change how you are feeling now in order to allow the new in.

How To Allow 

How do you believe something is here that is not? You have to feel as if you already have the new car here and now at this very moment. 

There is always a gestation period, but you control how long this period lasts. It is important to focus on being the realizer of the emotion. Most people live as if life happens to them instead of from them. This is a conditional emotional response. Something happens in our world and we react. Not realizing it is us who are creating all of it. 

Instead, focus on the fact that we create our reality. There is only us. The way to use this to our advantage is to harness the feeling of having our desire now. 

How it Will Feel

Let’s say the thing you desire is to get a new job. A job that brings you joy, fulfillment, and you can’t wait to start working because you know it will catapult your state of mind and put project you into a space of joy. What are some examples of how you would feel in this newly inspired state?

Fulfilled, proud, clarifying, empowered, it feels damn good!

It inspires me, it excites me, it calls me, it is me. 

I belong here. I love being here.

I love co-creating and engaging with my peers to create revolutionary ideas. 

I love bringing “me” to the table and understanding that we are more when we come together.

I love the feeling of movement and momentum.

I love ideas popping into my mind, and I am contributing on new levels where I am appreciated, and my ideas are recognized.

I love that I can work in an environment and be myself. 

I don’t put my head down and just do my job. I envision, create and share. 

Don’t you want to go here? Aren’t you excited to see what the universe brings to you coming from this vibration versus from a place of lack and undeserving? Just reading these feelings, your signal becomes strong and projects you into the path of new opportunities finding you. Just being in this space for 30 minutes every day will be enough to draw circumstances that are aligned, in your direction.  


Now that you are in a different state of mind and focusing on the feeling of what you want, how do you receive the actual job? What actions do you take to secure this thing you so badly want? 

We follow an impulse! 

We get an inclination to walk down this street or go here for our lunch break. We don’t know why at the time, but it eventually becomes clear when we overhear a conversation or bump into someone that is hiring someone with your qualities and skill-sets. When this connection is made, it feels like magic. Because we know it. We followed the impulse and received our desire. 

When we manifest something, our vibrational reality has been matched. We are no longer deflecting what we want with negative feelings and emotions. 

Justifications and Excuses

We all have schedules to keep that make it seem impossible to randomly meander down a street or quickly stop in a shop. But it doesn’t take much to follow an impulse. 

When we typically find a job, we want to define everything that it is. Scrutinize everything we will be doing. Login to Glassdoor and find out what the culture is like and how our co-workers behave. We want to search endlessly on Indeed, submit our resumes, and blindly hope for the best. It is common to feel that this is the only way to bring in our dream job. But it is not! The job will come to you. You attract your experience. Just feel into your perfect job every single day for 30 minutes. Then allow yourself to be guided. Even the simplest feeling to call up an old co-worker or join a new networking group can manifest magic. 

We need to listen to these feelings and stop making excuses for why we don’t have time or are unable to make space. If you knew, without a doubt, that following this formula would eventually lead you toward your dream job. You wouldn’t hesitate to do it. So assume the feeling now and the physical world must ultimately align.

Dismissing Doubts

The only way we slow down this process is by our own doubt. Doubt is trusting in the negative. Doubt is a choice.

Most people give up very quickly because they are so concentrated on what is instead of what could be. When we continually have a lower vibration, we just attract more of the same again and again because this is where we are focused. Don’t give up! Know without a doubt we all have the power to change our world. 

People teach Law of Attraction exercises all over the world, and all teachings ultimately come down to this very step. Because we are the ones that prolong the gestation period. We would never plant a seed to grow corn and come back the next day wondering why there isn’t corn yet. 

We need to embrace this space or gap in time because it is all part of the process. It is imperative when we start to feel negative feelings to stop them as quickly as possible. Recognize them as fear and that it is okay and perfectly normal. But there is no reason to stay in that space. In fact, know it will speed things up the faster the sooner you can turn everything around and assume the feeling that it is done. 

You already have everything you desire, right now. 

The feeling is the secret, become that feeling now.

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