Life Abroad



I have been in Norway for 4 days now and I couldn’t be happier. Currently, I am dog/house sitting for a fabulous Latvian/Norwegian family in the Central part of Norway near a town called JĂžlster. The weather is absolutely beautiful! Most days have been in the lower 70s. The people here are nice despite the stereotypes that Norwegians are not very social. The scenery is truly wondrous. The Hucky/Malimute dog I am watching named Ceasar, is such a joy and he gets me outside everyday. Besides the landscape, the biggest things that have stood out so far are the following: everything is very clean, Norwegians follow all rules without hesitation, learning Norwegian is appreciated as citizens are very patriotic and proud of Norway, lastly, I am already addicted to the fantastic brown cheese – brunost.

Norway is the first stop on my journey. I will be here approximately 8 weeks total. Of course, this could always (and probably will) change. That’s the main tip I’ve learned so far about being an international nomad: trust that everything will work out. I’ve had a few bumps in the road already due to the misunderstanding of Norway’s dog policies. However, I think I am over the hump. What stood out to me most prominently, was a habit that I have been struggling with the past year. When something goes terribly wrong, my first reaction is to feel despair. I want to curl up in a ball and just cry. By the third time in one very long, exhausting day, I realized this is my go-to emotion. I crumble. I think of the worst case scenario and tend to go there immediately and play it out in my mind as if it’s reality. My life coach would probably tell me that I am addicted to this emotion. She is obviously right. Even though feeling despair is a horrible, gut-wrenching feeling, it sort of feels like home. I continue to come back to it again and again if only just because it’s my familiar habit. It’s as if somewhere, deep down I think this is my only choice. Well, one thing is for sure, I definitely need a different go-to emotion. The energy depletion that comes with despair alone is enough of a reason to reprogram something new. Not to mention the inefficency. Well, when I figure out how to do that I will let you know, for now – ha det.