Yes, it is true that having a purpose in life contributes to one’s overall well being. I’ve seen articles, Ted Talks, skillfully written books all delivering this same message ad nauseam. “Do what you love and you will be happy.” But what if you don’t know your purpose? What if you think you don’t even have one? Well, this is currently where I am. I just turned 40 and am evidently starting over with my life. I quit my corporate job, moved away from my home in Boulder and am currently traveling the world. Hoping beyond anything else, that I will either discover my purpose or surrender to the fact that I have none.  Either way, this will be a journey I will never forget. I’m so happy you will join me.

I find social media the loneliest place on the planet. This is why I have started a blog. I still deeply desire to connect with others and I thought I would try something entirely new. I have always been good at is describing my weaknesses. Sad but true! I figured blogging would be a great place to hone that vulnerability. Yes, I will find this stressful if hundreds of people are publically reading about my insecurities and gaffes. But right now I take comfort in the fact that I don’t know that many people. 🙂