Sweet Goodbye

Today is the eve of my final day working on the farm here in Ireland. It’s been just over 2 weeks and I have had nothing but good experiences here. The animals are so incredible. It’s quite profound to observe their transition from being shy of humans to lively and snuggly, trying to crawl into my lap. Cathy Davey is the founder of My Lovely Horse Rescue, she is a warrior and saint for all these magnificent animals. Cathy was once a famous singer in Ireland and found her true calling in welcoming these once abused animals and allowing them to live out their final years with extremely nutritious food, a comfortable home and the abundance of love from the volunteers that keep this organization going strong and successful. It has been such a joy and I am grateful to have helped make a small impact in the further development of this cooperative.

I have also immensely enjoyed the other volunteers who I have worked beside during my stay here on the farm. It’s been years since I have truly bonded with individuals in their early 20s. I think as adults, we tend to spend our time with people within our own age bracket. Perhaps out of security or to protect us from the fear that we do not belong. At least for me, I didn’t think I had much to learn from young adults that were 20 years younger than myself. I mean, don’t we typically learn from those that are older, wiser and have a bounty of life experience to pass on? I’m proud to have discovered this isn’t even remotely the case. I have learned so much from these individuals, about myself and the human experience in general. Tessa is a 20 y/o American who has lived the past three years in Korea. She has taught me that cultural boundaries and borders exist only if you allow them to separate yourself. Her openness and vulnerability will allow her to absorb a lot more happenings yet to come. Asuka is a strong, young dental student from Japan, who always kept a positive attitude. I enjoyed watching her steady consistent development of strength and stamina during her time on the farm. Julien and Marine are an exemplary couple that allowed their love to burn strong even while they were mucking up horse poo. Their passion and boundless connection is something we could all strive to attain. Lucie is a dear, sweet friend who has the potential to accomplish anything in this world. At only 22, she is far more knowledgeable and confident than people three times her age. I look forward to watching her create her own hero’s journey. I have experienced such wonderful, genuine connections, enjoyed laughing until I was out of breath and appreciated the encouragement when I felt exposed. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to have met here in Ireland. It is with a heavy heart that I pack and leave this wonderful community.

As I mentioned previously, the work was often very difficult, but this is only part of the reason I am moving on. I also long to see more of Ireland during my stay here. I welcome the new experiences that will invariably arise. Some of you might ask, “Why would you go work your arse off on a farm when you don’t have to and for FREE??” The best answer I can give to this is because I can. I am so proud of the rigorous activity my body has withstood and I was able to perform well without a hitch. There was one morning, my sixth day of hard work where I hit a mental wall. I put down my pitchfork and could no longer keep going. So at 10am I crawled back into bed and slept for another three hours before getting back out there again. I am very proud that I took the initiative to nurture and take care of myself when I physically couldn’t do anymore. What a great situation that allowed me to understand myself better. I love the quote from Neal Donal Walsh, “You life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” How are we ever to truly understand ourselves unless we push the boundaries of our reality? Sure, it was uncomfortable and downright hard at times. But I am currently left only with a feelings of achievement and sweet, sweet victory.

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