Sitting Back, Enjoying the Journey

I’ve been putting off writing lately. The only explanation that comes up is that I’ve been feeling so very wonderful lately! My vibration and energy has been incredibly high. So high that there are times when I feel euphoric. Making me remember my past struggles with alcohol and other drugs. Then so grateful and relieved that I will never again occupy that space. Life is meant to be sensed, explored, not numbed or avoided. Currently, I am in a beautiful home in Hampshire petsitting for the sweetest Labrador named Feena. Even though she is 8 y/o she has a lot of energy and we’ve been hiking between 2-4 hours everyday. There are a multitude of trails nearby and even more just a 10 minute drive away. Chewy has a big comfortable bed that he can enjoy all day/night until I interrupt him to go on walks and to eat. He has been getting a lot more sleep here. Sometimes he sleeps for over 20 hours a day! I think the poor guy is slowing down. I’m just happy I am able to enjoy him for as long as his journey may be. I am truly blessed. I have been doing at least an hour of yoga everyday in addition to sticking to my daily meditations. There really is such a thing as being spiritually fit. I have also been eating a paleo/keto diet for the past two weeks. Well, despite a mac’n cheese and chocolate indulgence I had on Valentines Day 🙂 It didn’t take me long to get back on track. Eating a low carb diet helps me feel less bloated, inflamed, and it makes my mind sharp. I don’t need as much sleep and have much more energy all throughout the day. Equally important it also stabilizes my moods and emotions as well. I just feel unstoppable. Ready for the next phase in my journey, which I am hoping, doesn’t lead me too far away. I am really feeling a desire to settle down for a while. Have a home that I love and maybe even someone to share it with me. I love traveling and will always be a world traveler. I think that after nearly 8 months I am finally enjoying the idea of slowing down. Unfortunately, with my UK Visa almost up, it is going to be tricky to be able to accomplish this. This is a monumental position for me as I have never been further from my goals, yet I am completely convinced that they are all going to work out and fall into place. It won’t help to worry so I am not. I am just concentrating on being in the space of feeling abundance and joy. It’s a fabulous place to be.

I hope that wherever you are located you are performing self-care and being kind to yourself. Sending love and positive vibes!!

4 thoughts on “Sitting Back, Enjoying the Journey

  1. Oh wow!!! Another great place you’ve landed in. Chewy seems to enjoy his outings no matter where they lead!
    I’m proud of your commitment to your diet,yoga and meditation it’s something I haven’t been able to master. Not the… but the meditation. I found it easier in the forest when I 1st got to Pagosa Springs,Co. My favorite spot is the river the sounds of the water helps to wash away my busy thoughts and allow my mind to quite down so I can relax!
    Now as for yoga I’ve been trying!! Haha
    I will take stretching for now but am hoping I can eventually find a place for hot yoga!
    I hope you get to find a spot to settle for awhile. I can totally relate to wanting to settle down for awhile! Being on the road and then the farm and the winter smack down I’m so ready for something more. It’s been wonderful this past month in NC staying with my sister but it’s time to head back west on my own adventure!!
    I really enjoy reading about this journey you’re on. You are such an inspiration for me and others I’m sure to get out there and find our happy😁 Be safe and enjoy whatever comes next!! Much love and positive energy your way ✌❤


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