Manifesting Success

I am pleased to say that I’ve found a healthy love for London as long as it is in small doses 🙂 London is vigorous and unrelenting. Whether it’s by car, train or bus, I always find it challenging to navigate the endless bustling city streets. Slow, fast, noisy, everyone is in constant motion. It’s like committing to drive on the interstate/ motorways. I don’t want to merge among the masses unless I have a clear understanding of where I want to go. This is how I feel about leaving my place of residence while I am in London. Like most people here, I am a huge proponent of the train system/Underground. It’s pretty easy to navigate and I’m very grateful for only having to carry one card to use all forms of public transportation. Most of the people I’ve encountered are nice and polite when I am asking them a question. However there is a chilling reticence among most of the travelers. This is not unlike other large cities I have traveled. Most people do not even look at each other even if their bodies are making physical contact. It’s not often words are exchanged and when they are other passengers quietly observe the intrusion. It is a busy and possibly exhausting dominion. I am very happy to have staying with my friend Dianna for the past five days. I have enjoyed myself immensely and much more than I did during my previous stay in November. It’s so satisfying to feel the warmth and familiarity with visiting a friend. I met Dianna in Boulder. She is a long-time Buddhist who was taking a course at The Boulder Shambala Center. She was renting a room in the same home as I was at the time. I only spent a couple weeks with Dianna, but I felt a connection with her and was thrilled to further deepen it during my journey. The last five days I was between housesits so this proved ample time to do just that. Dianna and I have made the most out of the week. We joined a meditation class at the London Shambala Center, listened to an amazing performance of Mozart Requiem and toured a fascinating art exhibit by Bill Viola. Not to mention all the wonderful meals and rich conversations that have been had.

I am grateful to have such wonderful experiences and a reprieve from housesitting. I also want to mention a couple of incidences that I created during my stay in London. The first was finally securing a UK bank account. I have been trying to achieve this since I purchased my car in mid-December. Here in the UK, they have recently cracked down on fraud and money laundering. Apparently, they had about 65 billion pounds between 2010-2014 that was moved out of Russia to the United Kingdom. Since I am housesitting and don’t have a permanent residence, this has been quite a difficult challenge for me to obtain a simple checking account. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been studying Neville Goddard and decided to apply a technique of his to enable me to achieve a UK bank account. The night before my appointment with Barclays I began a visualization exercise during SATS (state akin to sleep). This is when the body isn’t asleep, but almost. Sort of like a deep consciousness. I replayed the 5 second scene of me feeling happy and giving my cash to the bank teller. I tried to encompass all of my senses. The noise of talking, typing, and ambient noise. I visualized the man smiling as he took my notes for my deposit and our fingers brushed briefly. I concentrated on the feeling. I felt happy and relieved that I finally succeeding in procuring a UK bank account. The next day, I arrived at the bank for my appointment and the man was very nice but told me he couldn’t use my bank accounts from the US because they do not include account numbers on the statements. I thought I would have been upset or disappointed, but only felt confusion. I couldn’t understand why I was being rejected when I saw very clearly that I “already had” this account I was seeking. I walked back to Dianna’s and told her about my appointment. She immediately said, “Hang on, let me call my friend a second. I think I can help.” Dianna came back into the living room with a big smile on her face and told me about a conversation she had about two years ago. She was talking to her friend’s husband about a new online banking company he was developing with his partner. This bank’s purpose was to allow expatriates and immigrants the ability to have a bank account that was based in the United Kingdom! I looked it up, it’s called Monese and does exactly that. It is still insured since the physical money is handled by one of the High Banks (big banks). I did a bit of research myself and then was able to setup an account via video chat in about 10 minutes. Wow! I then went to the nearest post office to deposit my cash. I was and currently am so happy this worked out. All because I happened to mention this to Dianna, who happened to remember a lengthy conversation she had two years ago. She even said at the time she asked questions that his own family didn’t know and they were interested as well. It turned into a long discussion. I can’t make this stuff up! In the meantime, I am so very happy to have a place to put my money. If there is anyone out there that would like more information about Monese please contact me via PM.

This manifestation would have been enough, but my second one was even bigger for me. I had to leave London and arrive at my next housesit in Hampshire around 12pm/midday. As I was beginning to pack my car after saying goodbye to Dianna, suddenly my car key wasn’t working. I tried hitting the “unlock” button, but nothing was happening. I manually unlocked the door with the key and suddenly the alarm/horn started blaring on the busy street! Shit!! I couldn’t drive. I had just replaced the battery on the key fob and for some reason it wasn’t working now. Immediately, I felt the panic and dread coming into my awareness. But this time it was different. I mentally said, “NO!” I wasn’t going down that path, I know where that leads me. It is not going to help my situation. I was going to figure this out and everything was going to be okay. I went back into Dianna’s house and also told her, that it will all work out just fine, even though she could comprehend this was a big deal for me in the present. We looked for about 2 hours for my extra key. I combed through all of my suitcases, bags, pockets and Dianna helped me as well. All I could remember was that I used a zipper to secure the extra car key. She eventually had to leave to go visit a friend, but she gave me some sound advice before she left. “Just relax.” I remember thinking, she was right. But I didn’t have time for that. I needed to figure this out so that I could drive to the family that was already awaiting my arrival. I called several lock smiths and they either didn’t call me back or told me they probably wouldn’t be able to help me. I watched videos and tried to reprogram the fob to the car over and over and over. But it didn’t help, I still wasn’t able to drive. I searched online ad nauseam about reprogramming car fobs for a Hyundai Coupe. The sites were mentioning that this was a common issue with this type car whenever the battery is changed. Often they need to install an entirely new locking system. Sheesh! It has now been almost 3 hours. Still at square one. I finally took the advice and just sat still. I meditated for 10 minutes. This was incredibly difficult, but I was successful and able to completely let it go. After the 10 minutes, I visualized myself walking out to my car and unzipping something and finding my key. Then I would start my car and drive away. I really honed in on the feeling of celebration. I did this scene over and over until it felt very real. I opened my eyes and immediately felt better. Because I had my extra key. It was within my possession at that very moment. I even smiled as I went out to my car. I randomly decided to feel under the passenger seat, nothing. I walked over and did the same to the drivers seat and there I felt the sunglasses case that unzipped and revealed my extra car key. This feeling I had when I saw this key was a combination of celebration, jubilance and disbelief. It was phenomenal. I suddenly felt incredibly powerful!! I shoved the key into the ignition and it started right up. It’s like that moment in a movie where Hallelujah starts playing. This was happening to me! I know some of you might be thinking, “big deal, you found your key,” or “of course you found them when you stopped running around.” You’re right! The only way we are able to evolve is to change our thoughts. This was the first time in my life, I didn’t fall apart during a crisis. I could feel the emotions, but only for a second and was successfully able to let them go and feel into the awareness of knowing I had the keys in my possession. Right then and there I changed my belief despite searching for the keys for three hours. In that moment after quieting my mind, I knew I had them in my possession, I could feel them in my fingers and felt the familiar bumps with my thumb. I was able to change my thoughts, which of course, changed my belief. A belief is only a thought that we keep thinking. Nothing more. We are truly more powerful than we have the ability to understand. I now feel so empowered to continue my journey. Knowing that I (like everyone else) carry this power. There is no end to what I can achieve or experience. I can have it all.


One thought on “Manifesting Success

  1. Happy you got the banking issues taken care of! I know that’s quite a relief!!
    Also glad you finally found your key! That is one of the worst to set in the panic and you did what you needed to do and found the spare. Alot to be said for visualizing! I’m doing some of that to put in motion my next job in the Grand Canyon for the summer!! Maybe someday I’ll expand my experiences to travel out of the country!
    Enjoy your journey!! Big hugs and love your way


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