No Such Thing as Luck

I am back in London and about to pick up my friend, Traci from the Heathrow airport. I am currently using a computer in the lobby of my hotel since I didn’t think to bring my laptop. The current spell check is set to Ukrainian so I apologize for any strange spellings. Chewy and I have been enjoying the beautiful public parks that London has to offer. I’ll have to post pics in a few days. Fortunately, it’s super easy now to get around since I just bought a car!! It just happened a few days ago. I was having a normal day back in Ilsington/Devonshire when I had a craving for some chips/crisps. I grabbed Amber and we walked to the local village shop. On our way back, is when I noticed the beautiful blue Hyundai Coupe sitting just outside my place of residence with a “For Sale” sign in the window. I thought to myself, surely I can’t afford this beautiful car. I walked up and read the sign 2006 only 65,000 miles for 1,800 pounds! I was about to renew my current car rental another three months for nearly the same price! I immediately called the number. It turned out to be the woman in the shop that sold me the crips!! Luck or fate? hmmm We talked about the vehicles history and found out the car was kept in immaculate shape. I test drove the next day, we agreed on 1,700 and two days later I am in London in my new car. I couldn’t be happier!! Now I have freedom and can go anywhere. I can drive to Ireland, France or even Norway as there is a ferry in Scotland that I can use to transport my car. Now all I need to get is a tent and sleeping bag and I will be able to stay in Europe forever! haha Housesitting is going very well in England, but they are much more spare in other areas of Europe. Plus, I love camping and have missed it terribly!! I wish Chewy was more of a fan, but he’ll make due. One thing I’ve learned while traveling with Chewy is he gets more excited and animated the more luxurious the home is. He wasn’t very excited to come to London with me as he was very Happy back in Devon. I never thought I would be choosing places that fit my dogs’ needs more than myself. Ahhh life.

I’ve also had a couple of people asking about how the dating is going. I have been dating Farukh for about 6 weeks now and we are progressing along nicely. Neither of us are in a rush and we’re just happy to be enjoying the experience. When I arrived in London he surprised me by taking me to a Cabaret show. It was a fun and unique. It feels so good to be courted and the have someone constantly showing up surprising me with wonderful gifts. I am also very happy to get the perspective of someones world who’s parents grew up in Pakistan. What a different life he has lead. I appreciate when we are in the country and he mentions there aren’t a lot of brown/people of color nearby. I find it so interesting that while I am the foreigner, he is the one that stands out the most as different in some rural settings. It’s also kind of odd that his son (Farukh has an 8 y/o son) who’s name is Raihan, is often called Ryan in his London school just to make it easier. Keep in mind, London is one of, if not THE most diverse city in the world. There are many different nationalities that are ever present. But even here things shift toward the White English way of life. I understand when this was this case in Kansas or Colorado where it wasn’t very diverse. But when over half of the population is not English, I guess I thought the other cultures would be more embraced. This isn’t coming from a place of judgment or appraisal. It’s just more that I appreciate the awareness and wish to one day understand the reasoning as I continue to take in this wonderful gift of endless excursions.


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