Exuding Positivity

I am currently in an area known as High Wycombe. Just an hour west of London is a beautiful countryside that actually has hills! I wouldn’t call them mountains of course, but enough to make me realize my car is super small and wimpy. It has been a great car so far. It’s called a Toyota Aygo. It is very tiny, but has a full-ish backseat and a small hatch trunk that just fits my suitcase. So far I’ve comfortably transferred a max of 2 human and 4 canine passengers (not together). No complaints so far 😉 I’ve been renting it since September 15th and will have it until December 15th. Maybe even longer, we will see. I can’t help drooling a little while I watch the Audis pass me on the roads. It’s good to have dreams! The village I am currently staying in is called Loosely Row. There are plenty of long walks and jogging paths nearby which I plan to take advantage of very soon. There are also a couple of horse farms nearby that raise and train polo horses. They are so majestic and always very friendly as I walk by. I can’t help but stop to give them a pet. Yesterday, I went on a hike with the two Shih Tzus I am watching. They are very sweet, cuddly and overall very easy to care for. We hiked this beautiful landscape with these large, wondrous trees that had scatted most of their leaves throughout the forest floor. It was like someone dropped a crunchy blanket for me to walk on. I got some video so you can hear how loud and pleasing the sounds were. It is beginning to get colder, the temperature is frequently in the 40s-50s with the usual wind. It also gets dark very early. It is usually completely pitch black by 5pm, maybe a little sooner. I can’t believe it’s going to get even darker over the next month. I just recently purchased a $5 headlamp so that I’ll stumble a lot less during the evening dog walks.
In addition to hiking I have also been enjoying yoga classes. The woman I sit for allows her friend to teach classes here in her lounge (living room) twice a week. I was so ecstatic when I found this out before arriving. I’ve been practicing fairly regularly with my yoga videos but have been longing for a live class for several months. Today’s class was fabulous. One of the women brought some home made apple juice she just pressed from the apples she recently procured. The five of us chatted about many things going on in the world and communities nearby. It was so lovely having some actual physical contact with people. As most of my conversing has been over the phone with friends back home. By the way, I am on What’sApp if you ever want to chat. I love hearing about other people’s journeys immensely. Definitely don’t be shy!
Sometimes I can’t believe how great I feel. Especially, despite the fact that Chewy has not been doing very well with his neck issue. Chewy has been having neck pain on and off since he was about five years old. It wasn’t until he was ten that the vet mentioned he could have a condition called Atlantoaxial Subluxation (AAS) which is when the C1 (Atlas) and C2 (Axis) vertebrates do not always line up. When this gets out of alignment it causes him tremendous pain. He will cry in my arms for a horrifying 10-20 seconds. All I can do is attempt to comfort him. He will usually go to sleep and wake up and be totally fine. However, lately it has been happening much more often. Every couple of days! Today I saw a vet in Birmingham that is very versed on this condition. She is almost sure this is Chewy’s issue however he hasn’t officially been diagnosed. I will need to get him x-rays with the possibility of a complicated surgery ahead. I have had so much resistance to this in the past. Many of my closest friends probably don’t know the details of this predicament because I am so good at denial. The thought of Chewy having to undergo surgery was just something I couldn’t face. Until now. I’ve since realized that watching him cry continuously in pain for many agonizing seconds and not being able to provide relief is far worse than about my fear of the surgery. The feeling of helplessness and being ineffective while he is desperately running to me in agony is just too much. In fact, the other day he had a small seizure where his back leg kept kicking uncontrollably for over two hours. It was terrifying to watch. Sometimes when that area in his neck gets swollen, a common side effect is small, sometimes large seizures. Thank goodness this was just a small one. But I don’t want to wait to experience a large one. Fortunately, he is in very good health other than this and I’m feeling confident that he will be a good candidate for this surgery. Hopefully we can get in to see and get a diagnosis with the neurosurgeon early next week. It feels good to finally be ready for this.
Another thing that I’ve made peace with recently is feeling terrified about money. I feel great! I know it may sound strange, but I know that it’s coming, I have absolutely no doubt (that I can pinpoint). I’m not sure how it’s coming, but that doesn’t matter. I was always taught that money doesn’t come unless we work hard and fight for it. Thank goodness I have been able to change this belief. It has been really hard, but I no longer feel resistance to finally allowing a financial abundance into my life. Maybe I’ll win the lottery. I can hear some of you groaning from here 🙂 Actually, I did some research a couple a week or so ago about the lottery here in the UK, this is when the US jackpot was at a record high. The lottery is very different in England. They have several drawings, however right now I’m only going to focus on the main jackpot. They have two drawings a week, every Wednesday and Saturday, heh. Each ticket costs £2 to play and there are two chances to win. The first is the main jackpot which I will come back to. The second, is the Millionaire Raffle where there will be one millionaire per draw and 20 £20,000 winners – per draw! Each week there are two newly acquired millionaires in the UK. Not to mention that all of the prizes are paid in one lump sum and are tax free!! I bet I have your attention now. There is also a cap on the main jackpot. Once the main jackpot hits £22 Million it will roll over one more time and if there isn’t a winner, then the pot is evenly divided among the closest matching tickets. There is also a third possibility of becoming a millionaire with this one £2 ticket. It’s called Lucky Dip. If you get two numbers correct, then you get a free Lucky Dip ticket. I know some of you might be rolling your eyes at the £22 Million max which equates to about $28.5 Million dollars, but come on let’s get real here. Would you really be unhappy with a smaller cash prize? I’ve often wondered why as the jackpot rises, more and more people play the lottery in the US. Why are we so focused on hundreds of millions of dollars? Would we not be just as happy with $10 million? Especially, if it mean your chances of winning were infinitely higher? Well, it seems to be working here as the lottery is a huge hit. You also get to see exactly what your £2 is used for after you buy a ticket. This is how it’s currently divided: 40% to health, education, environment, charity; 20% to sports; 20% to arts; 20% to heritage. I have walked past museums that are free to the public, with a sign, “paid for by National Lottery.” It is such a good idea. It also happens to people everywhere. The place I was staying in Tenterdon, the previous occupant of the room I was staying in, just won £3 Million earlier this year. The community was supportive and threw him a party. It’s pretty normal to know or even know of someone here in England that has won the lottery. I certainly couldn’t say that when I was in the United States. I used to think the only people that played the lottery were those that were bad at math. LOL But now I’m realizing it’s all about vibration. Also, statistically it is much more common here in the UK. Which will further aid me in believing it could happen to me. Then again, my money may come from somewhere else completely random. I turns out I’m not so particular.
House I am currently staying
Cuddily Tara


Millie’s wonky eye
Closeup of leaves


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