Like Attracts Like

I spent the morning touring a large manor nearby known as Stourhead. This amazing estate was donated to a non-profit company called the National Trust. This is an organization that accumulates the old, impressive manors that are scattered all over England and they take care of them while allowing the public to view them for a fee ~$20. They cultivate the gardens and repair the foundations. Apparently, it costs quite a bit of money to preserve these extraordinary plots of property. Therefore, when generations finally die off or can no longer afford the upkeep, they donate them to this organization that now has hundred of properties in the United Kingdom. To call this place a house doesn’t quite equate to its magnificence. There were ancient works of art covering the walls. Each room had probably 30-40 different landscapes, portraits, works of art of all different sizes tightly packed side by side. Some of the flooring was the original wood which creaked as made each step. Even occasionally the original carpet which looked very thin with dentures of wear. It was truly spectacular. Unfortunately, they didn’t allow me to take photos of the inside. But even the outside made me feel like I walked into a Jane Austen novel. It felt more like a museum. Employees perched in every room, carefully watching for people taking photographs (drat) but also telling stories and the purposes of each room. I saw a unique cabinet covered in jewels that was made from a pipe organ and contained tiny hidden compartments throughout. This belonged a Pope that canonized  Queen Elizabeth I. Much of the furniture and trinkets once belong to someone important that history has almost forgotten. I’m sure a historian would spend hours of delight in this beautiful home. My favorite room was the art room. The ceiling reached all the way to the top of the house. There were extraordinary paintings. The attendant showed me 2 enormous, 20+ foot paintings that were so dark I could hardly make out the scenes. Fortunately, he had a flashlight and pointed out the important details. I asked if people could see it more clearly at night under candlelight. He said yes, but then showed me three hinges on the side and said it was meant to be opened up toward the towering nearby window. I assume they no longer open these. Just being in this enormous room made I imagined what it was like to visit one of these mansions back in the day. Not everyone could visit, only the higher class of course. The servants were too busy working and preparing for this upper echelon of society. Still, I can’t help but be impressed that they encouraged visitors to tour their home. Even the hedges were lowered and several nearby homes were levels so that many people could enjoy the wondrous view of the estate. One of the attendants explained to me that these homes were meant to be shared. As it didn’t make sense for only one family enjoy the magnificence. This is such a contrast from today’s world. Imagine touring a billionaire’s home on a random afternoon. The house I am currently staying in has a smaller but still spectacular manor nearby. It is called Pyt Manor and used to belong to this trust. A decade or so ago the owner of PC World, which is similar Radio Shack/Best Buy in the US, purchased this manor for him and his wife. This is just one of the many homes they own and consequentially are hardly ever physically present in Pyt Manor. Since a home like this no longer requires dozens servants to run, it sits completely empty, untouched through most of it’s remaining life. Of course until their family, possibly centuries from now, donate it back to the trust when they eventually become, like all of us, entirely forgotten. In the meantime, I can’t help but think it is such a waste of such a beautiful property.
This makes me realize I still have some underlying negative emotions and beliefs about money. Which of course, are preventing me from having a plethora of it. I am currently in the process of trying to manifest more money. I’ve been meditating, doing gratitude exercises, listening to spiritual teachers all with the eventual outcome that life will point me in the direction of where I need to go next to achieve financial independence. Money is often one of the hardest, most trickiest things for people to manifest. Shoot, another belief that isn’t serving me!!  But it’s not without enormous effort to rid myself of these beliefs. These feelings and emotions of money being difficult are ingrained in many of us. I grew up learning that money was a struggle, very difficult to acquire and very fleeting whenever it was in my possession. This like all beliefs, aren’t true, it is our fixation and commitment to them that produces the inevitable outcome. Even something like feeling resentment for someone driving a luxury sports car is like poison to this specific manifestation. Deep down, I know it doesn’t help me to talk about them now, but I am hoping that writing these feelings down will expunge them from my subconscious forever. Because true reality, true manifestations don’t distinguish in difficulty. Theoretically, it takes the same amount of energy for someone to acquire ten dollars as it does to manifest one millions dollars. I know some of you probably have alarm bells going off at the ridiculousness of that statement. But forgive me for asking you, are you the same people that have all the wealth you could ever want or need? Probably not. The people I have met that are in this position do not feel the same way. Of course, they have other issues as we all do. Money doesn’t solve everything – again this is a belief, but I choose to accept this one. 🙂
Going forward, instead of having the feeling of lack and persecuting the billionaires or the top one percent, I am trying to think of money as more of a tool. One that comes freely and openly into my life. I feel great that I can constantly give to others as I don’t need to worry about not having enough. I now and forever live my life stress free from any future financial decisions. Even thinking this thought produces a brighter and lighter feeling throughout my body. Denise would call this magical thinking. Yes! That’s exactly what it is and precisely what we need more of if we are currently experiencing lack in any facet of our world.
This evening Chewy and I are off to an area called Kent which lies in the southern west area of England. It’s known as The Garden of England. I will be caring for chickens, 14 sheep with hopefully the assistance of 3 dogs. The house was built in the 1500s!! It will be quite an adventure for sure. I’m looking forward to the challenges and experiences this will bring.

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