Spain, I really want to stay, but…

It’s really too hot here. Most of the European countries have had record highs this past summer. Even in Norway! Norway is typically known for consistent rainfall all throughout the year. Of course, while I was there they were experiencing a heat wave. In fact many of the farms near Oslo had to slaughter some of their animals for fear they would not survive the winter due to lack of food. I learned from the natives that this was something that has never happened before. In typical Norwegian fashion, they are currently in the process of building up support in case this happens again. Needless to say, the European Union has been very hot this past season. Unfortunately, Spain is by far the hottest I have experienced thus far. Chewy had a terrible incident at the farm I was going to stay at near Tarragona. He was panting so hard that he eventually threw up blood! Several times, intermittently over 5-6 hours. It freaked me out!! I quickly google’d what was happening and many websites listed this as a common symptom of heat stroke. Poor Chewy 😦 Fortunately, I was able to rescue us to a nearby small city. Here we have central air-conditioning!!! This is the first time I’ve had this comfort since living in Boulder. Oh the luxuries in life ❤
This wasn’t my only issue at the farm. I won’t go into the details, but needless to say I am very proud I was able to do something I have never done before. That was making a decision that was best for me while knowingly, hurting someone else in the process. Most of my life, I have learned to put my head down and just carry-on with whatever unpleasantness comes my way. While growing up, this was just a part of life. Life always equated to struggle no matter what. I would often wear this like a badge of honor. My ego was always happy to take pride in the ability to survive unsanitary, sometimes harmful conditions that many people I knew would never be able to deal with. I was stronger, resilient and able to persevere. “Building character,” as my mom would put it. All the while, I never had the courage to stand up to her or the rest of my family even when it felt unacceptable to the very core of my being. I was taught to not complain, put my nose to the grindstone and endure. Well, not anymore. I am proud to finally start listening to my needs and ardently making decisions that are true to myself. Even if I feel like shit in the process. Life doesn’t have to equal struggle. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Sure, we all become victims of unfortunate circumstances at some point, but this is always 100% because of the choices we’ve made. Sometimes what we are willing to “put up with” eventually closes the door to our true happiness. I’ve come to learn (thank you Abraham Hicks) that paying attention to our feelings is the most important power we have in order to make the correct choices in our lives. We are our own compass. We must follow this zealously.

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