Fairy Tale Hike

I am completing my final two days in the western rural part of Norway. Wednesday I leave for Bergen, the big city aside from Oslo. I will stay there a couple of days as I need to run some errands before visiting my friend, Linda, in a city to the south. It was perfect timing to go on a big hike yesterday. After almost 5 hours I think I finally gave Cesar the exercise he’s been waiting on! Yesterday instead of cows, we ended up hiking with many, many sheep. Dozens and dozens!! Believe me, even Norwegian sheep aren’t very smart. However, like the cows, they were definitely much more curious about people and dogs. It was comical when the sheep ran away from us, they stayed on the trail as they ran away. The entire time. Always on the trail sometimes up to several kilometers. Running up or down, whichever direction we were headed they were always just a little ahead. They would continually turn around to see if we were behind then they would scamper on in the same direction again and again. So strange. I had to carry Chewy because he actually ran at them barking ferociously at one point. I was shocked!! I have rarely seen that side of him and was so worried they would hurt him! But fortunately, they ran away frantically from the 4.5-pound dog. There was a moment while we were at the top when there were 4 groups of sheep, all headed toward us from different routes. All BAAAAAing and ringing the bells on their necks as they trotted excitedly toward us. Here they got a little too close and when Cesar snapped at one, another responded by butting Cesar in the head to move him away. Sheesh! All I had to do was raise my arms and yell and they immediately took off, of course…never veering from the trails.

The hike was truly the most unique hike I have ever been on. The ground was covered with layers and layers of different foliage. Plentiful with berries, fruit, and patches of wool scattered all along the landscape. Also, there was a small creek with fresh water running through the entire valley. I tried to take a video of just how soft the ground was. It felt like I was walking on a very plush carpet with a soft trampoline underneath each step. My footsteps would then completely disappear, leaving no trace of having been there. There were lovely old houses on the property as well. It didn’t look like anyone lived there as they were boarded up. But they added to the scenery and it felt like we were walking through a fairy tale.

Another thing I’ve noticed about Norway is there aren’t many bugs. Not many in the house or outside. Which may explain why there are also not a lot of birds. At least like I am used to in the States. They must be around somewhere because the land is very rich and fertile. I came across miles and miles of blueberries during my hike. I asked someone else hiking if they were safe to eat and of course they were. She identified them as “good medicine.” They were delicious. The fresh water in the creek was also very clean. I refilled my water it tasted just like the tap water. One more pro about this part of Norway is there isn’t very much snow. It snows only in January and sometimes the first part of February but that’s it. This isn’t the case more north or in the mountains towards Sweden. But along the Western coast near Bergen, it doesn’t snow very much. In fact, the lake/fjord outside the house I am staying freezes only 1 in every 5 winters. I asked my friend, Uldis to take pictures of the house and area when there is snow. I imagine it looks very otherworldly. I will share once I receive them.IMG_0269IMG_0271IMG_0274IMG_0278


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