Life with a Husky

I addition to Chewy, I am currently living with a Husky/Malamute mix named Ceasar (pronounced Say-Zar in Latvian). I’ve never lived with this type of dog before but I must say, he has a ton of personality! He is very vocal, mostly when things are not going his way. When he wants attention or to go for a walk he bounds up and down the stairs making “AARRRROOOOOO!!!” noises. It is very entertaining. When I start to brush him he cries like he is in pain and rolls over on his back. When we are hiking and I won’t let him go where he wants, he grabs the leash in his mouth and chomps down while making baby gurgling noises. Fortunately, he and Chewy are getting along great. Ceasar loves little dogs and I’ve even caught the two of them playing a little. Very sweet. I am enjoying him very much.

Another great thing about Norway is almost everyone’s home has a beautiful lake view. They are called fjords and were constructed by glaciers long ago. Fjords are filled with very clear fresh or seawater if they are connected to the ocean. There are over 1,000 fjords and are one of the main landmarks that distinguish Norway. The house I am staying in is about 50 feet from a freshwater fjord filled abundantly with fish. I actually tried to swim here for the first time today. The water is very cold!! It’s also worth mentioning the water here is very pure. Most families do not use filters or purification systems in any way. In fact, they balk at the idea. Much of the water is snowmelt from the mountains or glaciers. Which is why the “premium” water bottle company, Voss came to light. However is widely known locally that Voss is just Norwegian tap water. 😉 It’s so funny to me that so much money and preparation exist to get a $6 bottle of tap water to the US and people like myself will occasionally buy it thinking we are getting something special. Ahh Life!


One thought on “Life with a Husky

  1. Love it! Soaking it all in and waiting for more. Great to hear that you’re enjoying the journey and finding all of what this life has to offer. Much love to you!


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