There is so much information out there on manifesting the life of our dreams, so I created a guide I use that really gets to the core of altering our reality efficiently and specifically. Use this consistently and you will begin to manipulate a huge cornerstone in manifesting and start creating what you really want on your journey.


Many of us are quite determined to predict the outcome with everything in our reality. Whether it’s predicting the result of a sports game or as simple as a day in the office. We attach expectations on how others will react, possible arguments we need to be prepared to counter, and the ideas, places, and people aligning perfectly. This may be intentional, like hyping ourselves up before a meeting to achieve the desired outcome. Or we may be doing it and not even realize it. 

The only problem with expectations is they are hard to let go of when life doesn’t happen as we anticipate. We may get a flat tire driving into work. Our boss might be out of the office, and we cannot deliver the presentation we had studiously prepared. The more insistent we are to our perceived ideal outcome, the harder it is to let go. 

Time to let go of our expectations and loosen up our grip on our reality. 

There are no mistakes.

Can you remember a time when something didn’t go as you planned, and it ended up for the better? I remember when my alarm didn’t wake me up for work, and I scrambled to get out of the house in a flurry of stress and anxiety. When I finally got into my car and started driving, my co-worker called me to say the power is out at the office and to work from home today. Thinking back, if I had just slowly woken up and thought, “Oh, my alarm didn’t go off, that’s strange.” I would have calmly gotten ready for work, and the same result would have happened before I made it to my car. 

If I had just believed there was a reason; my day didn’t transpire as I intended. Versus reacting to a “mistake.” There are no accidents, and there are no mistakes. We are exactly where we are supposed to be. No exceptions. 

Unleashing our superpower

Think about it, if we can quickly accept when a wrench gets thrown at or into us, we become the observers.

It doesn’t matter what happens; only our state of being matters!

We are solely the ones who derail ourselves. 

The shock of suddenly having to improvise our life is scary. We are forced into a space of vulnerability and pushed out of our comfort zone. But within this space is the only place where the true magic happens. Nothing else matters except how we react in this space. 

In this brief moment of impending chaos and volatility, here is where we can create the life of our dreams by acceptance and appreciation for this cracked window. And it is simple. Our only role during this time is to stop and observe. The outcome will show itself eventually. It always does. But if we can choose to calm ourselves during the perceived disarray, this is flexing our most powerful superpower.

Dispelling Doubts

Now you might be thinking of that time you were late to work, and it turned into a calamity. You missed an important meeting, couldn’t log into your computer, and spilled coffee on your shirt. “All because my stupid alarm didn’t go off.” I have been there too. However, remember what I said about your state of being is the only thing that matters? Case in point. When you react to the outside world with anxiety, stress, and, worst of all, shame, this only creates more for yourself. 

Experience stress and worry only bring more stress and worry. It becomes this loop of struggle. Sometimes we can be trapped in this loop for years. Not realizing that we are always making this choice. 

This struggle illuminates the doubts contained within us that question whether we create our own reality. We begin to believe that we are not the architect of the events that happen in our lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. Letting go of these doubts is a big step toward moving forward with what we want.

The Method

What do we do, then? Just accept that we will be late to work and miss that important meeting we worked so hard to prepare? Yes. This is exactly what I am saying. In the moment of total freak-out, stop. Take a breath and observe. 

Don’t think. 

Don’t predict. 

You will not be able to think your way out because the design is already on autopilot. But we can choose whether to see the unexpected development. Our egos will want to figure it out frantically; do what we can to mitigate our terrible mistake. This direction can quickly hurl us toward a space of anxiety and self-shame. This only creates more resistance and internal struggle. 

We need to accept that we don’t know the result. Our inner ego will see this lack of control as a threat. I will take this moment to tell you that none of us ever has control. Ever. There is only the illusion of control. A story we tell ourselves that is not in any way based on reality. The faster that we understand this, the faster we can get out of our own way and let go of this resistance to our natural self. 

Just relax and let it in, whatever it may be, and be grateful for this opportunity.


I know it seems super edgy to let go of control when it feels like our life is hurtling towards irreparable chaos. But would you be risking that much if you just tried it once? It will be hard at first. However, the potential rewards are ever-present. You may notice something you would have previously missed if your mindset was drowning in struggle and despair. That little ray of light in the distance could squeak through into your observation. Then that aha moment of suddenly stepping back and connecting the dots and fully understanding the twist in the plot. 

This feels so incredible and empowering. When I first began to allow myself to ride the edge, it wasn’t long before I understood this is what life is all about. It’s not about getting a bigger house, having a respectable job, or winning the lottery. It is about allowing good things to happen. Surrendering in that terrifying moment and seeing the bigger picture while receiving the rewards is experiencing true, extraordinary joy. It gives our life meaning. 

You can’t buy a feeling like this; you can’t search endlessly for it. You can only recognize when it happens and be very, very grateful.

You will know the time to use these tools because you will feel a huge impulse to fight or run, but trust in yourself. This is how you are meant to live. You are about to board the wildest and most incredible ride of your life. 

Relax and enjoy the journey.

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