"Living life outside my comfort zone."

My name is Jess and I used to suffer through the monotony of my corporate 9-5 job. After years of feeling uninspired and stagnant, I finally quit without any sort of plan and began to travel the world. There were lots of ups and downs and could not have moved forward without learning and implementing Law of Attraction. 

With a lot of energy, passion and fear, I began the adventure of a lifetime and continue to live my highest excitement every day!

I am excited to bring what I have learned to others as we continue our journeys together. 

Leaning Into Change

I believe the biggest catalyst toward experiencing your highest self is to accept change. It can be as simple as taking a different train to get to work or stopping to chat with your elderly neighbor. The more we practice, the easier it gets. After years of rethinking my beliefs and accepting others, I found delight and compassion within all walks of life regardless of different backgrounds and experiences. Embracing change and seeking comfort in the uncomfortable can move mountains.

We do not have the ability to experience all perspectives, which is why connection and relationships are so valued in our societies. We truly learn from one another. Let’s learn from one another right now.

Norway Mountains

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