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“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience."

Eleanor Roosevelt


Most of us were told when we were small that we could be anything that we dreamed. The world was so big. The potential was unlimited. However, we were never given a road map on how to get there.

Then as we got older we began to experience the crushing weight of bills and expenses, compiled with the emotional toll of others expectations of success. We couldn’t help but feel we had to compromise our dreams in order to be able to survive, have a family and generate a stable income. It didn’t take long for those initial dreams to be considered whimsical childhood fantasies.

But did you ever stop and wonder if you made the correct choice? Are our dreams, that are so deeply buried beneath the surface, still achievable?


Life has a way of convincing us that our dreams are not achievable or acceptable. So our natural reaction is to shut down and deny ourselves the very things we truly want.

As years go by, our desires change, but the belief that we can claim our bounty become less and less. We begin to want more and more things to compensate for the lack. Yet, we back down quickly when it seems they are not within our grasp.

Some of us turn to addictions like drugs, alcohol or social media. Numerous scientific studies have shown that scrolling platforms such as IG or TicToc produces a quick burst of dopamine that is similar to drugs. This is extremely short-lived, so we continue to scroll and scroll to get that quick fix again and again. This type of rush is not sustainable.

All in all these are just examples of the lengths we go through to produce a semblance of joy and happiness within our lives. We keep ourselves distracted enough to prevent us from asking the ultimate question: Is this all there is to life?

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I have spent decades asking myself the tough questions and do not pretend to know all the answers. However, one of the big ideas, when I practice law of attraction, is to rethink my beliefs. This is probably the most important lesson that has helped me achieve my goals. When I open myself to different concepts, especially when I feel a strong reaction, I never stop learning. I hope you will open yourself to my ideas as well. We will never stop learning.

Jess Selfie

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